November 18, 2003

Meta-Self Examination. That's Deep.

So I got this website in order make myself write everyday, supposedly in order to please an audience of anonymous internet readers. To bask in the imaginary applause, to let imaginary chuckles warm the cockles of my four-chambered heart, to buoy my ego on a warm salt wave of theoretical admiration.

It occurred to me that if I wanted to attract such an audience --- or even to plausibly imagine that I was able to attract such an audience --- what I wrote would have to be entertaining. Funny. Witty. Of Pith and Moment.

God, you're demanding. And you don't even exist.

So though I got this website a week ago this is the first time I've written.

I'm experiencing a bit of anxiety, you see, about the expectations of the multifarious figments which are perusing these words.

Which is really silly.

But po-mo.

(Which makes it automatically obnoxious, one tends to feel.)


More later....perhaps.

Posted by Diablevert at November 18, 2003 01:01 PM

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