November 19, 2003

I've secreted a camera in my pocket, but those paramilitary police do not

Rogan Josh and I were discussing the other day how much Damian Grammaticus rocks.

First of all, he's named Damian Grammaticus.

That's the kind of name you expect to find in a sentence like, "Damian Grammaticus, Commander of the Bronze Squadron, Hyperellian Quadrant, Gannymede Sector, in the year 3029, frowned, cruelly."

Damian Grammaticus Conquers the Space Pirates. Awww yeah.

The real Damian Grammaticus is a BBC correspondent. He is still kind of bad ass, though. He's always creeping in and out of Stans, eluding packs of minders, getting 86'd by whole countries. Damian Grammaticus is all up in your shizzle, if you're a dictator.

The last report he did was in Tajikistan, where the President has renamed the months after himself. M. Grammaticus snuck out of his hotel to snag some unsupervised man-on-the-street sound bites. As far as I could tell from his report, Dushanbe is not an all-night-party kind of town, but he managed to find a subject hanging out by a public park at 3:00 in the morning. This leads me to wonder if he wasn't maybe intruding on her corner, but nonetheless he got her to take time out for a chat.

Because he was being super-sneaky, the camera was hidden in a bag at his feet. Mostly all you could see was ankles. Because he was being super suave and spylike, the whole thing was filmed with the green-night-goggle-vision filter.

Damian Grammaticus, just sittin' on a park bench in chinos, talking to some Tajik hooker about political oppression.

'Cause Damian Grammaticus is chill like that.

Posted by Diablevert at November 19, 2003 09:02 PM

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