January 19, 2004

She's back, and surlier than ever!

So I got this blog a couple months ago, becuase I wanted to get into the habit of writing everyday, and coming up with inane natterings to please and amuse the random web-surfer seemed like a good way to do it.

Hmmm. You know, when you put it like that....

I slacked, I admit, in the run up to the holidays. Attempting to get back on track in late December, I discovered that my hosting company made an eensy-weensy change to thier server. Which deleted the database containing my Movable Type username. And so I couldn't log in, and as they brusquely informed me, would have to re-install Movable Type.

Which I tried to do. Deleting the password that allows me to transfer and manipulate the files on the website at all, in the process. Oopsie.

They fixed that right quick --- I think it was, what, three days? I finished the re-installation the following weekend. Then we had two weeks of back and forth missed phone calls and unanswered emails, considering the topic: "Does it not work anymore because I'm having a problem with my MySQL database, or does it not work anymore because I don't have a MySQL database?"

Last night I finally figured out a workaround. So, I'm back.

See above.

Posted by Diablevert at January 19, 2004 01:36 PM

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