January 21, 2004

Ah-Hah! Something to plump up the sidebar!

The other day I had a personal record, Worst Song-Stuck-In-Your-Head Playlist:

Theme song from Bosum Buddies

2Live Crew, "Me So Horny" (just the chorus)

"I Don't Know How to Love Him," from Jesus Christ Superstar

That last one I had to learn in 8th grade chorus. They carefully de-emphasized the fact that Mary Magdalene didn't know how to love Jesus because she was all about the Uhhnn! Double Up! Uhhn! Uhhn! and He was all about the God. And the foot washing.

I just noticed the thematic link between the 2nd and 3rd tracks. Way to go, brain! My subconscious is churning out subtext like so many widgets.

Today is much better; today I've had me some Marvin. "What's Goin' On," to be specific.

It occurs to me that it might be amusing to chart such permutations in my mental Muzak; 'stead of a smily face, I can have my own little Freudian mood ring, off in my sidebar.

The sidebar needs fattening, anyway; you feel a little disappointed when it trails off after the second post down. Sidebars are comforting; they travel with you as you plunge further back into the archive of whatever blog you're reading, functioning as a potential escape hatch for when the site you're reading gets boring. And as a careful display of intellectual knick-knacks which reassure the vistor of the proprieter's good taste in friends and admireds. So, for the sake off good impressions, I really feel I ought to lengthen mine. Especially since I can't find a way to make the damn thing not poke itself 20 pixels deep into the banner when rendered in Mozilla. (All this desperate fluffing does remind me a little of the young married woman despairing over the arrangement of the mantelpiece in Dorothy Parker's "Too Bad." Go, read it, just so you understand this parenthetical. You can thank me later, because Dorothy Parker's just that good.)

So, in goes Marvin, tucked under the email, and who know what's to follow him tomorrow. Hopefully something mildly confusing and amusing. Or if not, maybe I can inflict my irritations on the rest of the internet. Quick, hum the Theme Song from Mission Impossible. Or Batman.

Psst. Are any of you my willing slaves yet? Has nothing the Simpsons taught me been true?

Posted by Diablevert at January 21, 2004 05:44 PM

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