February 21, 2004

I prefer "Man-whore" myself

Was reading Calpundit, and he had a question on the meanings of "cad" versus "bounder," which prompted this comment:

"Which leads me to wonder - what is the modern day equivalent word for shiftless, no-good, take-advantage-of-young-women kind of guy? Jerk is too broad."

Speaking on my broad authority as a young'n:

"Playa" "man-whore" or "himbo."

"Man-whore" can be used to mean one who is pursued by women in like they were construction workers and he a dame in a short skirt; witness the Outkast lyric, "But I was looking at them, there, there on the dance floor/ Now they got me in the middle, feeling like a man whore," in which the speaker is surrounded by dancing women leering at him salaciously.

But "man-whore" is more often used derisively, i.e., "He is such a man-whore," to indicate one who will have sex with anything that moves, including someone who a) is far more drunk than she should be, b) has broken up with a long-term boyfriend earlier that evening, c) dating one of his best friends, and/or especially, d) all of the above.

Himbo has a similar connotation as its female equivalent, "bimbo," one whose assets include sex appeal but not intelligence, and who uses that appeal to its fullest extent in making his way through life. More of a theoretical term than one used in everyday conversation --- it brings to mind somehow the beefcake birthday cards middle-aged women sometimes exchange, and carries a bit of a taint from that association.

Playa, although used almost universally, is more associated with black slang and hip hop, although playas as an object of emulation are being replaced by pimps. "Playa" usually means one who will say anything to get a woman in bed; a true playa will be pursuing relationships with several different women at the same time, each of them thinking he is theirs exclusively. Some feel that "will say anything to get a women in bed," is more a fit description of "guys" in general, or as the philosopher George Clinton has put it, "A dog, is a dog, is a dog. Atooomic Doooo-oo-ooog." Thus has arisen the companion term, "playa-hater" one who denigrates men unfairly for merely obeying their nature. A playa-hater often acts as a "cock-blocker" when a group of women are out of an evening, preventing a playa from cozying up to his target or taking her home. ("Cock-block" is also used a verb, as in "I was gonna walk her back to her dorm, but her friend totally cock-blocked me and they went to get pizza instead.") The "wingman" is employed to divert the cock-blocker and occupy her attention.

If you would like to learn more about such terms, I suggest you hang out with some frat boys, (aka "white hats" or "chipsters.") Thus concludes our brief tour of the Modern American Sexual Slang of Today's Youth.

Posted by Diablevert at February 21, 2004 04:15 PM

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