March 10, 2004

Abridged Conversation from Work Today, Roughly Paraphrased

Co-Worker A: "Fine, then. Let's ask Our Boss. Hey, Boss, do you eat bacon?"

Boss: "Sure, sometimes."

Co-Worker A: "But you don't think there's anything wrong with not eating bacon, right?"

Boss: "Sure, I ---"

Co-Worker B: "No, no, no, see --- what if your reason for not eating bacon was because of Wilber from Charlotte's Web?"

Boss: "What?"

Co-Worker A: "That movie really affected me!"

Diablevert buts in, unwanted

Me: "Well, what about spiders? Do you kill them? Because it seems to me like Charlotte was the protagonist of the ---"

Co-Worker A: "No, I do not."

Me: "Would you carry a spider's egg sack around in your mouth, acting as a human incubator? Because Wilber..."

Co-Worker B: "Damn straight. It's a precedent."

Co-Worker A: "Don't you have work to do?"

Me: "I'm just trying to establish the logic of your position, here, from a spirit of philsophical inquiry ---"

Boss: "Wait. Don't you have work to do?

Posted by Diablevert at March 10, 2004 03:20 PM

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