January 08, 1935

Une feuille de moi

Well, I was thinking about entering the King of the Blogs contest, plus I always read these things at other sites, so I should probably make one.

One feels a little bit goofy writing these things. That same feeling of grim submission combined with a touch of fluttering panic and the desire to be charming and funny (Components of the Fieldian impulse to have them like you, really really like you) that you feel while standing around at a bureaucratic kickoff meeting, during the portion of the evening where We All Just Say a Little Bit About OurselvesÖthroat clearing and chair creaking fill the dull silence, until finally someone saysÖ

I guess Iíll start off.

I think Iíll use the F.A.Q. format that seems so popular with these things. If yíall will agree to maintain the polite fiction of the F.

Assel (a/s/l), as the teeny-bopper chatroom kids say?

Twenty-odd, Female, currently a resident of Brooklyn, New York.

Self-serving justification for inflicting your self-involved natterings on that already heavily burdened and suffering beast, the internet? Or, why start this blog?

Iím moving to Ireland soon, and I want to write a little bit about that experience, this blog is sort of an exercise book to get me writing and help me work out ideas. Also, I want to accumulate a legion of admiring fans, and feel that if only people would just listen to me, the world would be a much better place. Like every other blogger.

In a very slightly more serious vein, Iíd have to say that my goal for the site is to write posts that are entertaining and interesting. Or, failing that, to post recipes.

Why Ireland?

'Cause I can, 'cause my distinguished forebears emanate from the Emerald Isle, and because I think itíll be interesting. Thereís a little more to it than that, and I go into it here, but thatís the short answer.

Whatís up with the title? Diable-what-now?

Itís French for green devil. Itís after my tattoo: I have this guy on my right shoulder. (Gotta keep the angel off.) Itís an old French absinthe ad by Leonetto Cappiello. Itís also a fairly unusual and distinctive word, something which is quite handy to have on the internet. Not so unusual that someone didnít snag diablevert.com before me, though. But he seems to want cash money for his .com, hence, diablevert.net. Iím pretty sure the image is public domain, so one of these days Iíll get around to tastefully decorating my site with dear old Luccasís visage.

What do you do? You know, that some oneís willing to pay you for, unlike this writing crap?

I paralegal at a big corporate law firm, one of those Partner, Partner, And Ampersand type-dealies. Itís pretty boring. No, boringer than that. So boring Iím using words that donít exist in an attempt to describe just how Ultimate Bornigest it is.

Anything else?

Um, no. I think thatís it, really. Group hug!

Posted by Diablevert at January 8, 1935 11:10 PM

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