March 22, 2004

On the Mind-Body Disconnect

As a point of consideraton on the topic of Cartesian dualism, I now relate the following anecdote:

The other morning I was lying abed, thinking idly of what I should wear to work that day and rueing that my selections were so limited by the fact that most of my clothes were at the laundromat, when I heard a banging sound emenating from the kitchen. Whatever can that be? I wondered, mildly irritated. I shall inquire of my roomate when I get up to take a shower. I put on my robe and tossed a towel over my shoulder, emerging from my room to obseve my roomate Strunk standing by the sink, turning over something in his hands.

I am one of those Not A Morning Person people, and being sans shower and coffee, it was with something less than my accostomed fluidity and ease of speech that I now attempted to formulate my thoughts into words. I turned to Strunk and said,

"What you bang?"

"Hmmm?" he said. "Oh, it's this travel mug, it's broken, see the rim here..."

After a moment's pause for consideration, I rejoined, "Why break mug?"

"I didn't break it, the liner's got seperated from the outer shell and ---" he said, looking up at me. "No break mug. Fix mug. Fix mug."

"Hurmph," I said, and proceeded to my morning ablution.

This legendary moment in inarticulateness has been brought to you by the letter Zzzz, the vitamin Q, and Juan Valdez.

Posted by Diablevert at March 22, 2004 01:07 AM

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