May 11, 2004

A Discrete Longing for Shiny Things

So, I've hit full on screeching denial mode:

La-la-la-la-la, I'm not leaving the country in a month and a half. La-la-la-la-la, I have plenty of time to watch the Gilmore Girls. La-la-la-la-la. My, but what an interesting book/magazine/back-of-the-cereal-box maze! Let's dally over it, shall we? Mmmmm. Fascinating. That was clearly worth a good fifteen to twenty minutes of my life. Now, what else could I be doing? Polishing my CV? Sorting through my piles of accumulated crap? Checking out the Damn Hell Ass Kings or TWoP or any of a number of political blogs or the Times to see if they've updated, like a Skinner rat tapping the lever for crack rock? (It's not just my OCD, you know. Posts appear at random intervals, that's how you keep the hit count high.) None of them have updated in the last thirty seconds? Hmmmm?

(Hmmmm to have a high, keening note, the special inflection of Procrastinator's Panic, a response to the terrible realization that there may not exist a remaining obstacle/distraction between us and the onset of work.)

Well, I suppose I could post myself. That's like work, but it's also like self-indulgent rambling.

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