July 29, 2004

The Rubber Duck Flies at Midnight

Huh. I just got a response from a job I applied for --- one that I really hoping I'll get, as I think it'll make for a few interesting blog posts, if nothing else, and that's all I say about it for now. I emailed them yesterday; a letter from them dropped through the post box this morning. It reads, in its entirety,

"Thank you for your application in respect of the above positions.
I can confirm that we will be in touch with you shortly."

Yours faithfully, ect., ect. It just strikes me as a bit of a head-scratcher; there is adequate room on the line for the phrase "to set up an interview" to follow "shortly." Yet it does not. But if they aren’t going to interview me, why not send a letter that says, "Thank you for your application…We regret to say that the position has been filled," or "Your qualifications, while extensive, do not meet our needs at this time. Best of luck," blabbity-blee-blah-bling. I mean, it's nice of them to let me know they got the damn thing, but it would seem to run them a fair amount in postage just to say that, and then to have to call or send another letter to let me know whether I get to interview. Gets your hopes up a bit, too; now I can't help but imagine picking up the phone to hear, "Hello, this is Mr. So-and-so from the institute, we said we'd be in touch? Yes, well, I'm just calling to say, Psyche! No job for you, sucker! Kindergarten baby, stick your head in gravy, put it in a jelly pot and sell it to the navy…"

And the only redeeming feature of the dressing-down will be the mellifluous Irish brogue in which he's sure to deliver it…

Posted by Diablevert at July 29, 2004 08:34 AM | TrackBack

Dearest daughter,
Hope springs eternal and I am a cock-eyed optimist so I'm viewing the glass as half full.
The interview is yours. Wear your best "bib and tucker" and remember the bicycle clips.
The lack of epletive deleteds in this last missive was re-freshing.

Posted by: your father at July 29, 2004 09:20 AM

Eplitive deleted to you too, pal.

My father, the absurdist.

Posted by: cms at July 29, 2004 10:21 AM

you make me laugh

Posted by: mom at July 29, 2004 12:21 PM

Absurdist, I take umbrage. I rather think my thoughts reflect a well rounded view of culture and dress codes in the places other than the "Good Ole USA", Buddy!!!

Posted by: Anonymous at August 3, 2004 12:56 PM

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