August 05, 2004


Rogan: This album, Nouvelle Vague by the Nouvelle Vague? You'd dig it. Check it out. Their cover of "Too Drunk to Fuck," is my favorite, but you may differ.

A-L: Have you heard of this Lush store? I stumbled on one in Dublin, but there's one in New York, too, apparently. They sell homemade, all-natural cosmetics. You might like it; might give you a few ideas. You walk in, there's cakes of soap as big as a cheese wheel propped on dais, wire-sliced into asymmetric hunks. You can see the flower petals and springs of herbs sunk within them, like twigs frozen beneath the surface of a prismatic pond. A bed of ice lies off to one side, a fishmonger's display case, where fresh masques made of cucumber and honey and green bits of grit lie gently chilling in aluminum bowls frosted with condensation. They have bath salts the size of a baseballs, with rosebuds embedded in them like bellybuttons. Bubbling vats of tallow-honey soap sit on display in galvanized buckets. It feel like a cross between the local medicine woman/midwife's cottage and the Gap.

In Other News: Started reading Ulysses. (This one.) I confess, I anticipated it would be a bit of a slog, but it seems surprisingly readable so far; on the other hand, I'm only forty pages in. Stephen Dedalus is a bit a twat, though, huh? Oh, he's so sensitive. So spiritual. I think I agree with Black Mulligan when he calls him a Jesuit, and this makes me like Black Mulligan more than I'm supposed to. Considering I have 800-odd more pages of this to go, I thought I'd install a little ticker in the sidebar. I figure Strunk will want to yell at me when I'm slacking, and this'll help keep me honest. Or allow him to yell more frequently and accurately. One of the two.

Coming soon: A real post. I'm working on something a bit longer, but I've got errands to run at the moment, so for now, I depart. Je suis désolé.

Posted by Diablevert at August 5, 2004 07:02 AM | TrackBack

I've heard of it, but never been. It sounds quite lovely... athough I doubt they make any cigarette soap like me and Lara's husband Rick, eh?

Posted by: A-L at August 5, 2004 12:51 PM

i'm a big fan of the red rooster soap and the rehab shampooing.

Posted by: D at August 5, 2004 06:55 PM

It isn't even an HC!?! If you're going to by a thousand plus page book at least try and get your hands on the Pirate Jim version. (If you need help on that one, I'm always here.) And I would be berating you so much if I could find my version and perhaps re-read, or at least re-skim with you. And it's that same Hamlet teenaged moodieness that's kicking around Stephen's head. Read bits of it over again . . . I'll wait . . . see, it's that same gut reaction to a lazy kid who won't kill his father's killer just because he's lazy & worried. More later when you tell me what page you've made it to and I can dig up pirate jim.

Posted by: s. jones at August 7, 2004 08:25 PM

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