October 20, 2004

Game 6

FresnoFamous (04:57:55): dude!

Diablevert (04:58:45): dude, you have no idea

FresnoFamous (04:58:54): wow

Diablevert (04:59:28): they are trying to kill me

FresnoFamous (05:00:00): naaaah

Diablevert (05:01:18): well, true, it's not directed at me specifically. they are trying to kill us all.

FresnoFamous (05:01:47): they're gonna win

Diablevert (05:03:08): dude

FresnoFamous (05:06:02): jesus

Diablevert (05:06:52): dude, you can't even...oh, dude.

FresnoFamous (05:09:07): dude jesus

Diablevert (05:10:37): oh, my god. oh, holy jesus.

FresnoFamous (05:11:16): wow

Diablevert (05:13:32): dude.

FresnoFamous (05:13:42): congrats man

FresnoFamous (05:14:31): "Baseball, FUCK YEAH!"

Diablevert (05:14:50): and you don't even like baseball, man. heck, I'm not a proper fan of the game either. but the sox...it's like..nothing else.

FresnoFamous (05:15:36): its such a great story. heart wrenching really.

FresnoFamous (05:16:03): plus fuck you yankees.

FresnoFamous (05:16:38): FUCK YOU BLOOMBERG

FresnoFamous (05:16:47): (i'm drinking)

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