October 28, 2004

Sample Dialogue

Third Game:

Before the start….

Dad, to world at large: Man, I don’t know why they bring kids to these games, they go so late.

Mom: Oh, come on now, it’s the World Series.

Dad: Well, don’t you think if I had brought B to a game when he was 8, by 10 o’clock he would have been zonked out.

B: Oh! That reminds me! We were just discussing my earliest memory of Fenway Park the other night. You wanted to leave in the 6th, but I made you stay and in the 10th inning Bob Zupcic hit a home run and they won the game. So eat it!

Sometime in the 8th …

Mom: Uh-oh. Timlin hasn’t been pitching well.

Greek Chorus, in three parts: Shhhhh! You’ll jinx them! (Howls of despair, rending of garments.)

Fourth Game:

Inning 1

All: John-nay!

(Much clapping)

Innings 2-7

Everyone except Mom: Mom, quit cleaning out the freezer and sit down!

All: C’mon, [Johnny/Manny/Derek/Kevin/Papi/Orlando/Miller/Belhorn/Trot/Tek]!

Inning 8

Dad: Could use a couple more runs, here. That’d be good.

Diablevert: Yeah, that’d be good.

B: Yup.

Mom: Yup.

Bases are loaded twice in the 8th inning. No runs score. A grim glance is shared by all.

Diablevert: We have to concentrate on the fact that we are, actually, up by 3 runs.

Inning 9

Complete silence reigns, and then ….


All: Gasp.

(Cheering and laughter, both slightly hysterical. Champagne is brought out, slightly warm. Chilling had been considered but rejected as being a jinx.)

Mom: You brought out that bottle? I was….

Diablevert: Ma, the Red Sox just won the World Series.

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