November 14, 2004

A Stopgap

The blog disappeared again. Sigh. I hate it when that happens. Honestly, I try and post every couple days. But sometimes nothing funny or interesting happens, and I don't want to be all, "So, um, today...I went to my writing class and ate food and read things and um," snaps gum, twirls hair..."Um. I got some mail." Snap-snap. "I guess that's it."

But let me just pop in another stick of Juicyfruit and see what I can come up with.

I have an agency interview tomorrow, and maybe another interview Wednsday. (Coo.) My stuff finally cleared customs and my friend Dan helped me retrieve it and now it's all in boxes stacked in the hallway and I have to rearrange my room and scavange a bookcase so's I can put it away. Which I really really should be doing now instead of writing this and listening to Tom Waits (which is what I am doing) because Eclaire and Lady P. are set to arrive on Friday (Yay!).

Ladyfest was this weekend; I volunteered all day yesterday. It went really well, lots of people came to the workshops which was the thing I was involved in, and the gig went nicely even though our headliners cancelled about an hour before they were due to show up ---- apparently a gasoline tanker jacknifed on the ring road that encircles London; they had to close it and one of its major access roads down, which meant a couple million people more that usual were trying to drive through central London, which meant utterly impassable day-long girdlock through much of the city. Worse that the Everybody Hurts video, apparently, even when you consider that the London situation lacked a skeletal Michal Stipe caterwauling mournfully on the hood of a Chevy.

I finished a story last week, and we're gonna talk about it next week, I'm excited to hear what people think of it.

I've used the word which too much.

I may delete this once it has served its purpose as a stop gap.

It will not be missed.

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