February 25, 2005

The Titanic's Rats

So, this job.

I've been working here a little over a month now. It's a very small solicitor's office, only two lawyers, the founder and a junior. There's also an apprentice (who, of the three of them, works the hardest by far), three legal secretaries, a clerk, a part-time accountant, a receptionist, and me. Ten people.

I'm supposed to be a legal secretary but my duties have been more along the lines of clerk stuff, mainly I think because they don't have a dictaphone unit for me, which is how most of the legal work gets done 'round these parts. Well, it's partially the fact that there's no dictaphone for me and partially the fact that there's no computer for me.

And no desk. Did I mention no desk?


(Also, I dont have an email account or a log-in name. I'm using one of the former secretary's. To be fair, sometimes I can use the part-time accountant's desk in the afternoon.)

You think I'm trying to say I'm not wanted. But that's not the case. Despite the fact that she offered me the job three weeks ago, yet I'm still being paid through the temp agency. I'm wanted. It's just that the head solicitor, though obviously an intelligent woman, is the most disorganized, scatterbrained person I've ever worked under, to the point of frank incompetance.

Things have been getting a little worrying the past couple days. The apprentice --- the one who does most of the work around here --- goes back to school in a few week's time. And we'll be down to nine.

And one of the other legal secretaries is home sick indefinitely with a viral infection. Eight.

The office clerk handed in her week's notice Tuesday. Seven.

And the receptionist stormed out of here in a huff this morning. Six.

I think I'm gonna try my damndest to make it five. Fortunately, I had an interview today that went pretty well.

Wish me luck. Whatever happens, I'm gonna need it.

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