May 25, 2005

Disney's Recess posits otherwise

I found this link reading Mimi Smartypants which is a very, very funny web diary.

I read this, and my brain kept switching back and forth like when vieweing the vase/face optical illusion, except this was between Completely Hilarious/Somewhat Horrifying. I mean, the heated discussion of the arcane aspects of this topic goes on for 20-plus pages. You see what I mean.

But mostly such a complete and utter boy thing. Guys always do this, starting with the eternal Batman v. Superman v. Spiderman to Ill 'n P's fellow medieval studies grad students, who once sat around declaring what each other's roles in medieval society would have been (Crusader, Venetian merchant, French cardinal...nobody's ever a pig farmer when you do these things, despite the fact that 99% of everybody at the time was a dirt-eatin' serf. Like how people who belive in past lives were always Cleopatra or a Russian princess or Gernal Lafayette, and never a button maker or whatnot. Yet, while there were very, very few Ptolemaic emperors, people throughout history have worn pants.)

Anyways, I think my magic number is probably like, 7. I'll lowball it and then, should an opportunity to test this theory every arise, get to be pleasantly surprised when I take out twenty.

Well, maybe not 20. Not if they're on PCP.

Posted by Diablevert at May 25, 2005 06:45 PM

The eternal debate never includes Spiderman. It is and has always been Superman, Sup's if you're Richard Pryor, and Batman. They provide a convenient number of complementary elements with which any arguement can be started, developed, counterpointed, disputed and ultimately, left unresolved. Spiderman has too much overlap with superman to make his way into the arguement. Not only does he overlap, he was never one of the Superfriends, so there's no basic internatl dispute: who should lead. The only time he is ever an issue is when there were Superman v. Spiderman comics - crossovers. And nobody ever believed it when Spiderman won. Spiderman doesn't even offer a convenient third way out of this arguement. Not to trash on the good graces of the youngest of the heros that you list . . . it's just that he doesn't belong.

Posted by: s jones at June 1, 2005 10:56 PM

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